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Announcements and Stuff

Movie and Potluck Night

Please note a date change. We have moved the dinner and showing of “The Shack” to Monday, October 10th to accommodate several members and pastor to attend the Love INC Annual Meeting and dinner, “Grinnin & Grillin.” Our movie night will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a potluck meal and the showing of the movie “The Shack.” Please come and enjoy a great meal, fellowship, and movie. Bring whatever you wish, we will enjoy it. Invite family members, friends, or neighbors!

Mission Committee

The mission committee has been hard at work this past year and is excited for the plans for 2023. We have met our commitment for the “Gathering” of serving meals on the first Saturday of each month for a year. Starting in January, we will move to serving meals at the Love INC ReNew program that we were a part of prior to Covid-19. This fall in October, we will be collecting food for the Trinity Food Bank in preparation for Thanksgiving. A table has been set up to receive your donations in the Fellowship Hall. A request has been made of us to provide the following items for the winter for the young children at the Montague Elementary School. They need: waterproof mittens for the very young students, waterproof gloves for the older students, leggings, and sweatpants for all youth along with socks and underwear. We will begin receiving your donated items in October and will continue through the winter. For the winter, we will also be collecting slightly used blankets for the Muskegon Rescue Mission that are given to those who need shelter and to take with them when they move from the shelter. Look for an announcement in mid-winter for a special mission project to take place at Claybanks in the spring.

A Special Sunday

Sunday, October 30th, not only will we remember the Saints for “All Saints Day,” we will have a Baptism of Dan Vickers, a church potluck meal and then our Annual Church Charge Conference to be conducted by our new pastor friend, Timothy Dibble from the White Lake United Methodist Church. Please give to Pastor Gary, the  names for “Honoring All Saints ” as we recognize the sacrament of Baptism with Dan, fellowship in a church community meal and then taking care of our church business at our Church Charge Conference.

It is hard to believe but our UMW year is rapidly coming to a close!  At our October meeting, we will discuss our giving commitments which we will select and decide on some new endeavors.  We have $3,012.40 in our treasury, so we hope to do lots of good and only keep “seed money” to start with next year.  We hope to present some new ideas to the Mission Committee so we can do more than just on our own. 

Our annual Pizza party and church decorating for Advent will take place the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 25th, which is just ahead of Advent that next Sunday.  With the trees still green, temperatures pleasantly warm, sun shining, it is hard to believe Fall will soon descend upon us!  Grab your coat and get your hat, early Fall is on your doorstep.  Just direct your feet to the Claybanks Methodist Church!


Announcements & Stuff

UMW News

Our July meeting was very productive as we planned for the August 12th Strawberry Social and bake sale.  Because of the price increase for the berries, it was decided that we should increase the prices on our menu by fifty cents for each choice.  Each of the ladies have volunteered to contribute the ice cream or sugar, and biscuits ( Leona’s thank goodness).  

As other years, we will gather at 1 o’clock on Wednesday, August 10th, to set up for the bake sale and social, Thursday being reserved for baking!  We welcome any and all additional workers either Wednesday and/or Friday.  On Friday we gather at 3 o’clock. Also, any contributions for the bake sale or garden “goodies” will be greatly appreciated!

Come all for a delicious summer gathering.  Every year for many years, except one due to Covid, this day has gathered people from all over for fellowship and treats. May this tradition continue for many more years. 


Found this in a book (of many books) given to me by Dave Moore, a mentor and friend to me for many years – Pastor Gary

I asked the Lord for a bunch of flowers but instead He gave me an ugly cactus with many thorns.

I asked the Lord for some beautiful butterflies but instead He gave me many ugly and dreadful worms.

I was threatened.

I was disappointed.

I mourned.

But after many days, suddenly, I saw the cactus bloom with many flowers and the worms became beautiful butterflies flying in the wind.

God’s way is the best way.

(Author unknown)

Mindful Christianity

Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people.

A heart that forgives the worst.

A mind that forgets the bad.

And a soul that never loses faith in God.

Announcements and Stuff

Konnie’s Report from the Annual Conference
When Pastor Gary asked me to submit a short article for the newsletter regarding the Annual Conference I attended – “just point out a couple things you enjoyed about the conference,” – I thought sure, no problem. However, I’m finding it difficult to narrow my thoughts down to just a couple.

First let me say thank you for allowing me to represent CUMC as an equalization member. I not only was able to see firsthand how things are handled at the conference level, but also was able to be part of a few awesome worship services. The speakers were phenomenal, and the praise music was very uplifting. There’s something special about being a part of 1500+ people all worshiping and singing praises to our Lord all together. I’d have to say that was my favorite part of the whole weekend.

On one evening there was a service to ordain seventeen new people. That also was an emotional service. There were young and old, women and men. Some were ordained as deacons, some as elders, and some as local pastors. There were many of us there, as well as their families, to watch these men and women give their lives to God.

I must also add that there was a lot of legislature topics to be covered. Some of them we did from home before the conference via Zoom. I know these kinds of things need to be dealt with, but I can’t say I’m a fan of that part.

There were a LOT of opinions given on many different subjects and then a vote was taken on each of them. The one positive thing I can say about the legislation is that barring one incident, everyone spoke to others with respect, whether agreeing or disagreeing with the motion.

Of course, I can’t end this without saying I had some very fun, helpful roommates that made me feel welcome and showed me around. Thank you, Pastor Gary, Reba, and Edie, for such a great few days and welcoming me to the United Methodist Annual Conference!

UMW News
Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!   Yes we have lots and lots of strawberries now frozen and stored for the August Strawberry Social.

Do you remember the old adage “Many hands make light the work”?  Well, we really had a large group working on the washing, hulling, chopping, and freezing of the berries.  Even with all the workers, it took two hours to process two flats.   But the joy of working, talking, and laughing made the time go by fast!  Next month we will devote to the final organization of the social and bake sale.

Shalom, Edie 

Fresh Flowers
Keep bringing the fresh flowers from around your house. They have been looking so nice the past few Sundays in our Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall!

Thought and Humor
Having just celebrated a birthday and being just a few years from my 80th, I found this not only amusing but true and how I will attempt to live the last years of my life. So, I am sharing it with you. Pastor Gary.

Question: At your years what sort of changes are you feeling at 80?


After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, and my friends, I have now started loving myself.

I have realized that I am not “Atlas.” The world does not rest on my shoulders.

I have stopped bargaining with vegetables and fruit vendors. A few pennies more is not going to break me. But it might help the poor fellow save for his daughter’s school needs.

I leave my server a big tip. The extra money might bring a smile to her face. She is toiling much harder for a living than I am.

I stopped telling the elderly that they have already told that story many times. The story makes them walk down memory lane and revives their past.

I have learned not to correct people even when I know they are wrong. The onus of making everyone perfect is not on me. Peace is more precious than perfection.

I give compliments freely and generously. Compliments are the mood enhancer not only for the recipient, but also for me. And a small tip for the recipient of a complaint, never, never turn it down, just say “thank you.”

I have learned not to bother about a crease or a spot on my shirt. Personality speaks louder than appearances.

I have learned to live each day as if it is the last. After all it may be the last.

I am doing what makes me happy. I am responsible for my happiness, and I owe it to myself. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy at any time, just choose to be!

I have decided to share this for all my friends. Why do we have to wait to be 60 or 70 or 80, why can’t we practice this at any age and stage of life.

Sometimes I laugh so hard tears run down my legs!

Announcements and Stuff

UMW News
Our May meeting found us shivering in the fellowship hall.  I forgot Art said he would not turn up the thermostat, so I guess I’m to blame for the cold!! Nevertheless, the meeting was warm and friendly as we started the discussion of the August Strawberry Social.  A request for the temporary permit license from the Oceana Health Department will be submitted.

We move forward  –  life is good! And – Edie learned to make decent coffee to go with Mitzi’s cookies!

Summer to Fall Happenings

Friday, August 12th –  Strawberry Social

Sunday, August 21st – Outdoor Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. followed by a Church Picnic with hamburgers, hotdogs and bring a dish to share. Our Message for the day will be “Do You Remember The Old Sabbath Ways?” so let’s dress in old time attire and fun clothes for a church picnic.

In the fall we will resume our Potluck and Movie Night for  anyone who would like to share a meal, company and good entertainment.

Fresh Flowers
For the summer and into the fall,  if you have flowers from around your house or garden, would you consider cutting a few of them and bringing them to worship to make our sanctuary look fresh and nice or place them in our fellowship hall? The more flowers we display, the prettier the sanctuary, so when we have more flowers from different members, which is great! Please feel free to take them home after our service and fellowship time.

What a great participation we have had these past few months at “The Gathering” as we live in fellowship, preparing and serving meals to the White Lake Community. This fall we plan to launch a new mission project much like a few years ago when we were able to dig wells and bring clean water to Nigeria. We will be announcing this new mission shortly so stay alert (Hint- it is a wheels mission).

Announcement and Stuff

Adult Bible Study
Adult Bible Study will be meeting each Sunday during May at 9:30 am. Our Current study is the Book of Nehemiah. Join us whenever you can!

Michigan Annual Conference
Michigan Annual Conference will be in session from Wednesday June 1st through Saturday June 3rd in Traverse City. This year Claybanks UMC will be represented by four of our church family. Edie Boggart as Lay Representative Member for Claybanks UMC, Konnie Grant and Reba Peterson as Lay Equalization Members and Gary Peterson as Clergy. They will be reporting to our church family concerning the work of the conference in June.

Special Thank You
Special thanks to all who helped lead and participate in our Lenten Journey here at Claybanks UMC beginning with Ash Wednesday and concluding on Easter Sunday. It has been our pray that as we worked our way through Lent, we as individual and a church have strengthened our relationship with God the Father, got to know Jesus more closely and we are to look for the fire of the Holy Spirit as we approach Pentecost Sunday in a few short weeks.

UMW News
Our April meeting was a time to reflect on the Easter morning experience.  We discussed the morning brunch and decided it was well received so we will continue with the same menu next year.  We also decided we would like to purchase a toaster (4 slice) and a can opener for the church (an electric one to benefit arthritic hands!).  We need to fire Edie Bogart as the coffee maker or have her lighten up on the amount of coffee grounds she uses.  George would probably not be available to come to make the coffee!

Announcements and Stuff

UMW Meets Again in March

Our March meeting on St. Patrick’s Day started with a wee bit of fun! Everyone was given a St. Paddy’s Day pin to wear and riddles in honor of the day were read. They were, of course, corny and there were happy groans at the answers. They were fun and appealed to the child in us!

Then, after a more serious yet light hearted devotional and prayer, we got down to the business of electing the officers for the new year. Not surprising, nothing has changed, and the same people agreed to serve. After the meeting was called to order by the new/old chair, the secretary and treasurer gave reports. We currently have $1,926.51 in our treasury.

The brunch between the Easter Sunrise Service and the 10:30 service was planned, and all the ladies are supplying what is needed. The only item we need help with is the fresh cut up fruit. There will be a signup sheet for volunteers to help with this.

It is wonderful to meet together once more, and our hope is that more women can join us. We serve our Lord with great joy (and a wee bit of fun!).

Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School Class will return after Easter with a Biblical Study from the Old Testament, starting with the book of Nehemiah and adding our related Book(s) as time allows. Our spring classes will begin on Sunday, April 24th, and continue through June 5th.

Church Clean Up

The Trustees have set the date of Tuesday, April 19th, (Alternate Tuesday, April 26th if inclement weather) for our annual Church Clean-up. Please bring rakes and other outdoor work equipment to make our work productive. We are scheduled to start at 4:00 pm with a hot dog roast around a campfire following our work project. If you would prefer to work indoors, we do have some small projects for you. See you then for a great time of making our church beautiful and sharing great fellowship.

Holy Humor and Joy Sunday, April 24th

We encourage you to dress in unusual clothing that will bring smiles to other’s faces. Maybe wear a funny hat. If you have some humor that you can share, please speak with pastor Gary. We plan to share joy, laughter, smiles, and humor with all that attend our worship service.

Announcements and Stuff

UMW Meets Again in March

Our UMW will soon be together again! On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day at 1:00 p.m., we will once more gather at the church for a devotional, fellowship, planning and scheming. Since we once more gather, can Spring be far behind? Remember, all are welcome to our gathering. Let’s meet with joy and wear green! You might expect a green treat!

Mission Project For March

The Claybanks Mission Committee has selected a new participation project for the Claybanks United Methodist Church. Our support is a first for us and a little unusual but truly needed.

During the month of March, we are going to support the Humane Society and Animal Rescue of Muskegon County. They need a number of different items as they continue to care for God’s creatures. During the month of March, we will have a table set up in the Fellowship Hall where you can place your donations. Following our collection in March we will take the items donated to Humane Society and Animal Rescue of Muskegon County for their use. All the animals and staff will greatly appreciate your donations.

Items need for the animals:

Non-clumping cat litter
Dry and canned kitten food
Dry and canned cat food
Canned dog food
Small cat beds

Items needed for the care of the animals:

Text Box: Good friends are like……..You do not always see them, but you know they are always there.Paper towels
Liquid laundry detergent
Liquid hand soap
Hand sanitizer
All-purpose cleaner

Heads Up!

Easter flowers will again be available to order this year. The cost of flowers has increased to $15.00 each. You may order your choice of:

Easter Lilies

Order forms will be available sometime during the month of March and will be announced and included in the bulletins.

Adult Sunday School For Lent

Beginning on Sunday March 6th and continuing through Palm Sunday the Adult Sunday School will gather to really learn how to pray, “The Lord’s Prayer” We will be using a series developed by Adam Hamilton where Adam explores each of the rich lines in the prayer and their meaning in the Bible, illuminating what we ask of God and what we ask of ourselves. Adam will teach us how to use The Lord’s Prayer as a pattern for our own pray life. All are invited and encourage to join our Lenten Study for a single class or the whole series. Please contact Pastor Gary so that materials for the class can be reserved for you.

Devotionals for Lent

Special Lenten devotionals will be available on the resource table in the Fellowship Hall for you or someone you can bless with a devotional to enrich their Lenten study. Please bless others and yourself during the Lent by spending more time with God!