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Your Missions Committee Hard at Work

The Missions Committee has voted to commit to preparing and serving one dinner for Family Promise  each time it is held at Montague UMC, which should be about 4 times per year.  The next date will be sometime during the week of July 19.  We are asking people to prayerfully consider volunteering to step forward to contribute their time and services for this worthy cause.  This is one way we can reach out to local people in need and lend a helping hand.  Each volunteer will be required to turn in a volunteer form which is located on our back table in the fellowship hall.  For any questions, or to volunteer please see June Freeman.

Another item of business was filling a “Lane 1 Mission”, as encouraged by our Conference.  This is a mission which supports a missionary(s) in various parts of the world.  We have not done this in a number of years and feel now is the time. Once a year we would like to take a special collection to be put toward a “Lane 1 Mission.”  This year we chose a married couple, Mark & Rebecca Smallwood, who are teachers at Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.  On July 19 we will be taking an additional collection during our worship service over and above our regular offering, which will be sent to the West Michigan Conference and earmarked for Mark and Rebecca.  Again, we ask you to prayerfully give in support of all their hard work.

We thank you in advance for all you are willing and able to do to help the CUMC reach out to a community/world in need.