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At our September meeting the Claybanks UMW, along with the Shelby church, packed and sent 15 boxes of cookies to college students from both churches.  The boxes included some Halloween candies plus an encouraging letter from Pastor Terri.

We had plenty of cookies and thank all who baked and also those that donated money for postage.  We always appreciate the support of our congregations.

We also thank Carol Weller who organized and tended to all the details of this project.  THANK YOU, CAROL!!

Women of SUMC asking for Help

Faye Mobley needs help with packaging Pasties at SUMC on these dates: November 7 and 9, Saturday and Monday, and also the following Saturday and Monday, Nov. 14th and 16th, if anyone from Claybanks is able to help anytime between 10am and 4pm, it sure would be appreciated!  Call Faye at (231) 861-2855 OR let June Freeman know and she will tell Faye.  Thanks!

Submitted by Doris Graham, UMW Secretary

Claybanks UMW

Our next meeting will be at the church at 1 p.m. on June 18th. We are in the process of planning for our annual Strawberry Social.  All women of the church are welcome to join us.

In last month’s newsletter we announced the UMW Officers. We are adding others now who contribute greatly, either to the UMW or the church.
Betty  prepares and presents the Devotions for each of our meetings.
Mitzi  does inventory and purchases kitchen & restroom supplies.
Funeral luncheons: Edie  and Mitzi  – co-chair (one will do the calling for food donations). Willing workers: Mitzi, Patsy, Lucy, Bev  & Doris  (and there are always others).

Doris will keep watch of the list of people signing up for refreshments after church. We really could use some help in this service to our church.
There may be others that we have missed. We give you this information so if you have a question or suggestion, you know who to contact.

Doris, Secretary