Announcements and Stuff

Christmas Crafting & Cookies
Sunday, December 18th will be a special Sunday. Starting at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall, we will assemble to make a simple Christmas Decoration (all needed items will be provided along with direction) as we share coffee, Danish and fellowship. Follow worship we will have our coffee time with snacks while we assemble cookie tins (to be delivered to our shut-ins) and participate in a cookie exchange for all. We ask that you bake some cookies for our shut-ins and additional cookies that we can exchange with each other.

Christmas Eve Service
Christmas Eve we will come together at Claybanks UMC for our traditional Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 6:00 p.m. Our service will consist of Scripture readings, carols, meditation, and communion. Please plan to attend. Bring your extended family and let your friends and neighbors know that they are always welcome to worship with us.

Christmas Morning Service
Christmas Morning (December 25th) we will assemble for worship at 10:30 a.m. During worship we will devote additional time in singing of Christmas Carols. If you have a favorite carol, please let Suzanne know and we will try to sing several of the suggested carols.

The final UMW meeting on November 25th for this year, as always, is the much-anticipated pizza party and the decorating of the church for advent and Christmas.  It is such a fun time, and we include anyone who can come, even the church men!  We need the star put high over the alter and that is definitely delegated by the women to a man and a ladder!

A short meeting was held after pizza to appoint two individuals to keep track of the closet inventory.  Mitzi and Ruby volunteered to do that, and Konnie volunteered to do the purchasing.  Edie and Cinda will sort through the storage room.  It is recommended that an inventory list be compiled to help keep track of the pantry/closet supplies.

The church sanctuary and fellowship hall look amazing!  Reba came up with a new decorating idea and we “ran” with it!  There has been some positive response to our “tree forest” with the clear white lights.

The UMW will meet again in March but until then, we will see you all in church.

Immigrant Connection
Immigrant Connection is now open at Hart Wesleyan Church, 3757 W Polk Rd, Hart. The church is now accredited by the Department of Justice as a recognized site to offer low-cost Immigration Legal Services to Oceana County and surrounding areas. For additional information or to request a consultation, contact Hart Wesleyan Church at 231-873-0832 Tuesday – Friday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Step-Up Program continues to celebrate those who transition from the Step-Up program into independent living. During the past few years, we as a church have help support the Muskegon Step Up program by our gifts and interactional activities with the young people transitioning from Foster Care to Step Up and then to living on their own. Recently the program has expanded one of their homes and has added a new Maternity Home. Step up is always looking to provide cultural experiences for their young people through concerts, plays, and outing such as Claybanks provided at Stoney Lake Stables. Should you know of possible experiences or being of assistance please contact John Bradfield (Director) by phone (231-794-2316) or email (

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