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October 20, 2022

President Edie Bogart opened the meeting with prayer.  Eight members were present.

September minutes were read & approved.  Treasurer reported a balance of $3,010.40

Our donations to missions were discussed at length.  Each donation was discussed & voted upon.  The ones approved are:

Current ones: 
Muskegon Rescue Mission
White Lake Giving Tree 
CURE (former International Aid)
Oceana County Medical Center (for Christmas gifts)
Every Woman’s Place

Crystal Valley Care Fund
Oceana County Council of Aging
The Ladder

Grand Rapids UMW Missions

Approved amount for each is $200 for a total of $2,000.00

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the November 25th pizza party & the decorating of the church.  Cinda will talk with Mitzi, who was absent, as to picking up the pizzas.

Doris Graham, Secretary

Adult Sunday School

We will begin our study for Advent on Sunday, November 20th and continue through Sunday, December 11th. This year we will use the study created by Susan Robb entitle “The Angels Of Christmas.” Our study will consist of readings, video presentations and discussions each week. Plan to be engaged with your church family during this Advent Season by participating in our Adult Sunday School Lessons.

Laity Sunday

Many thanks to all our church family for the leadership and participation in “Laity Sunday.” David Naghtin brought us a moving witness to “The Higher Power,” Kelly White brought us together in the power of prayer, Kathy Ohman kept us informed as a church family, Janice Anderson and Richard Lindell blessed us with special music, and it was great to have Jim Tanis as our Liturgist. Well done Claybanks Family!


Our food drive for the Trinity Food Bank will continue through Sunday, November 13th at which time our gifts will be taken to the Food Bank for sharing during the Holiday Season. Our Clothing Drive for Montague Elementary Students will be ongoing during the winter months with many of the items already collected being given out recently through Kathy        Ohman’s leadership in sharing with the young people in our community during school time. Several blankets have arrived on our donation table for the Muskegon Rescue Mission, and we anticipate delivering all that have been collected in the beginning of December.

Advent Readings and Candle Lighting

It has always been a blessing when individuals and families have participated in our worship during Advent with Advent readings and Candle Lighting. Please let Pastor Gary know if you, your friends, or family would like to take one of our four Sunday or the Christmas Eve Advent times during worship.

Pastor’s Ponderings

Sunday, November 27th, we will begin our celebration of the Advent Season. The first Sunday of Advent is always the Sunday which falls closest to November 30th. Our Advent Sundays are celebrated on the four Sundays prior to Christmas Day. Celebrating Advent typically involves a season of prayer, possibly fasting and for sure repentance. This time of Advent is the time for anticipation of the coming hope and joy we find at Christmas. Many Christians celebrate Advent not only by thanking God for Christ’s first coming to earth as an infant, but also for his presence among us today through the Holy Spirit and in preparation and anticipation of his final coming at the end of the age.

The word Advent comes from the Latin term “adventus” meaning “arrival or coming, particularly the coming of something having great importance.” The Advent Season is both a time of joy-filled anticipation, the celebration of the arrival of Jesus Christ and a preparatory period of repentance, meditation, and penance. In the Methodist Denomination, we have for a long-time celebrated Advent for our founders. John and Charles Wesley saw it as a time for Christianity to devote special attention to Jesus Christ not only in his birth, that we celebrate on Christmas Day, but also preparing ourselves as Christians to walk with him. We are joined in the Advent celebration by our Christian sisters and brothers from the Orthodox, Anglican, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic churches. And increasingly, Evangelical Christian churches are recognizing the spiritual significance of Advent and have begun to revive the spirit of the season through serious reflection, joyful expectation, and observing traditional Advent customs. To the best of historical knowledge, Advent began about the fourth century with fasting and preparation for Epiphany, which celebrates the manifestation of Christ by remembering the visit of the Wisemen, and in some traditions, the baptism of Jesus. It is a time when we can focus on Christ’s incarnation, his baptism, and his life among us. By the sixth century, four Sundays had become the standard length of the Advent season with fasting and repentance. The early church also extended the meaning of Advent to include the coming of Christ through his birth in Bethlehem, his future coming at the end of time, and his presence among us as we experience the power of the Holy Spirit. Modern day Advent services include many symbols and customs such as lighting the Advent Candles that are surrounded in the Advent Wreath. These symbols and customs represent many of the faith traditions to us as Christians. Other symbols are nativity scenes, a Jesse Tree and other decorations that remind us of the birth of the Christ Child. Advent colors are purple, pink, and white. Purple symbolizes repentance and royalty. Pink represents joy and rejoicing. And white stands for purity and light.

In our modern-day Advent ceremonies as a worshiping community, we focus on Jesus’ birth as we prepare for Christmas morning when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, the King of Kings. At Claybanks UMC we will have a special Adult Sunday school during the Advent season. We can participate in Advent with special Advent devotionals, and we will light Advent Candles during our worship time. Special scripture readings will be a part of our worship experience along with an Advent Series of messages as we prepare for that one special moment that God breaks into history when Jesus is born and begins His reign on earth as in heaven. May we experience a joy during our Advent time as we prepare to celebrate our Christmas Eve Candlelight service and the birth of our Savior and His glory. Alleluia! His reign will have no end and He will reign here on earth as it is in heaven. Pastor Gary

Upcoming Worship Schedule

November Worship Schedule

Sunday, November 6
Psalm 145: 1-5, 17-21
Luke 20:27-38
How Many Spouses Can We Have?

Sunday, November 13
Isaiah 65:17-25
Luke 21:5-19
When Will The Day Come?

Sunday, November 20
Christ The King Sunday
Jeremiah 23:1-6
Colossians 1:11-20
Luke 1:68-79
Divisions In The Christian Church

Sunday, November 27
Beginning Of Advent

Sign Up for the Lighting Of Advent Candles and Readings

Advent Series – Possible “Looking at our favorite Carols and the meanings that the verses          communicate to us”