Announcements and Stuff

UMW Meets Again in March

Our March meeting on St. Patrick’s Day started with a wee bit of fun! Everyone was given a St. Paddy’s Day pin to wear and riddles in honor of the day were read. They were, of course, corny and there were happy groans at the answers. They were fun and appealed to the child in us!

Then, after a more serious yet light hearted devotional and prayer, we got down to the business of electing the officers for the new year. Not surprising, nothing has changed, and the same people agreed to serve. After the meeting was called to order by the new/old chair, the secretary and treasurer gave reports. We currently have $1,926.51 in our treasury.

The brunch between the Easter Sunrise Service and the 10:30 service was planned, and all the ladies are supplying what is needed. The only item we need help with is the fresh cut up fruit. There will be a signup sheet for volunteers to help with this.

It is wonderful to meet together once more, and our hope is that more women can join us. We serve our Lord with great joy (and a wee bit of fun!).

Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School Class will return after Easter with a Biblical Study from the Old Testament, starting with the book of Nehemiah and adding our related Book(s) as time allows. Our spring classes will begin on Sunday, April 24th, and continue through June 5th.

Church Clean Up

The Trustees have set the date of Tuesday, April 19th, (Alternate Tuesday, April 26th if inclement weather) for our annual Church Clean-up. Please bring rakes and other outdoor work equipment to make our work productive. We are scheduled to start at 4:00 pm with a hot dog roast around a campfire following our work project. If you would prefer to work indoors, we do have some small projects for you. See you then for a great time of making our church beautiful and sharing great fellowship.

Holy Humor and Joy Sunday, April 24th

We encourage you to dress in unusual clothing that will bring smiles to other’s faces. Maybe wear a funny hat. If you have some humor that you can share, please speak with pastor Gary. We plan to share joy, laughter, smiles, and humor with all that attend our worship service.

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