Announcements and Stuff

Memorial Fund Expenditures

Our memorial fund has been growing over the past few years thanks to the memorial donations received from our church families. The Trustees and Ad Council voted to use some of these funds for new cupboards to be installed in the office to help organize the room. These were installed the end of November and the room has been partially reorganized (more organization to come.) 

Thank you to the families of our departed loved ones. Your generosity has not gone unnoticed. Stop in and take-a-look at our new purchase.

Great Turn Out For The “Gatherings”
The Mission Team is very excited and appreciative for the support given as we prepare and serve noon meals on the first Saturday of each month for the White Lake Community. Many people have come to the first two Saturdays when we have offered a meal for everyone in the community. Many hands make the work fun and enjoyable. So, keep up the good work and volunteering. If you have not had an opportunity to participate and would like to, please contact Patsy Schneider or Lisa Butler for additional details and opportunities.

Adult Sunday School
We will begin Adult Sunday School on Sunday, January 9th at 9:30 am. Our study will be the Book of Acts. Luke, the writer of Acts, gives us a look at how God’s Grace began to flow out to the world through the lives of the Apostles following Christ’s Ascension into Heaven. We will be using a study developed by biblical scholar, Matthew Skinner. Please prepare for the first class by reading chapters 1-4. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be a part of our study.

Your Prayers Are Needed
In January, at our Administrative Council meeting, we will be preparing a detailed 2022 budget. This process involves looking at our expected giving and other income sources. Based on our projections, we will then develop a plan for expenses that includes our support of mission outreach in our community. We ask for your prayers as we look to use our church income and other resources, through grace, in so many important ways.

Inclement Weather
Should we have weather that could make Sunday Worship or other activities less than ideal, in respect to safe travel, we will notify you by phone and email if we cancel worship or other activities of the church. A phone “Snow Call List” has been updated for 2022. A copy of the list is available for you to review in the Fellowship Hall. Please take a moment to see if you are included and that the contact information we have for you is up to date.

Thank You
Suzanne Bellrichard, Reba and Pastor Gary thank you for the Christmas gifts that we received from our Claybanks Family this past Christmas season. You bless us with your love, support, and prayers. May God’s grace continue to bless the Claybanks Church Family.

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