Pastor’s Ponderings

On Saturday afternoon, September 11, 2021, at 5 o’clock in the facilities of the White Lake United Methodist church, the SPRC committee met on zoom with District Superintendent Margie Crawford and at 5:45 p.m., our church family joined members of our Administrative Council in conducting our Annual Church Conference. Annually, this conference is held for two important reasons: First, it gives an opportunity for Claybanks United Methodist Church to share with our district superintendent and our conference what is happening in our church and the condition of the Claybanks United Methodist Church. Secondly, because as a church we are incorporated in the State of Michigan as a Not-For-Profit Institution governed by elected laypersons to Administrative Council, we must provide an avenue to report the condition of our church to its investors (our church family).

Beginning with the SPRC portion of the Zoom meeting, the committee recommended the pastor’s total compensation package for 2022 which includes the pastor’s salary, estimated expense reimbursements, and pastor’s medical health insurance reimbursement. The SPRC committee also recommended that Edie Bogart continue as a Lay Speaker for the Claybanks United Methodist Church in 2022. These recommendations were stated, voted upon, and approved during the church conference business section on Zoom which followed the SPRC session with the district superintendent.

Additional reports were given during this business session. The Lay Leadership Committee gave a nominations report that included the 2022 representatives for Administrative Council, Executive Committee of the Administrative Council, Trustees, Missions and Outreach, Education, SPRC, Nominations, and Finance and Worship Design. Other reports given included the Pastor’s Report, United Methodist Women and a Ministry Shares report which included our proud heritage at Claybanks UMC as we continue to pay 100% of our ministry shares annually.

Special notes from the conference includes reports on the condition of the church, the direction the church is seeking for the future, the profile of our church and a brief history of how Claybanks United Methodist Church dealt with being a church in the Claybanks Community during Covid-19 for 2020 and continuing in 2021.

Konnie Grant, who was elected recording secretary for our 2021 Church Conference, was tasked with putting together, and has completed, a Church Conference Booklet that includes the documents that were presented at our conference.  It is available to all of the Claybanks Church Family and can be found on the information table in the Claybanks Fellowship Hall.

As pastor for Claybanks United Methodist Church, I want to give thanks to all who have been a part of the leadership, serving on the many different committees and leadership groups as we have worked together as a team at Claybanks Methodist Church to make disciples for the transformation of the world in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Your dedication, care and love for our church has been demonstrated over and over again as we continue to bring the Claybanks United Methodist Family together as the body of Christ.

Live In Peace,

Pastor Gary

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