Announcements and Stuff

Contacting Pastor Gary and Reba
We will be dropping our landline, in the near future (231-869-3373). To contact us please use these cell phone numbers:

Pastor Gary 616-644-5520
Reba 616-901-7002

Should we not be available, please leave a message. Be assured that all messages left for us will be kept in strict confidence by each of us.

Mission News
Mission opportunities abound in our communities.

Love In The Name of Christ needs volunteers to assist in their mission store and in the office. Contact Love INC directly for details and to volunteer.

This fall the White Lake Community will have a free store and a meal assistance program. Claybanks UMC will be assembling a work team to assist in cooking and serving a meal about once per month. Talk to Pastor Gary about how we can use your gifts in this mission.

Claybanks UMC is supporting these organizations with monthly financial support: Trinity Lutheran Food Bank, Child Evangelism Fellowship and Love In The Name of Christ. Please keep these organizations in your prayers.

Mark Your Calendars
Grab your purse, forget your mask, leave your worries on your door step.  Just direct your feet to the August Strawberry treat!

Well, I never said I was creative when trying to get a point across!  But I sure do want to draw your attention to the long anticipated Claybanks United Methodist Church’s annual strawberry social (minus the lost Covid year 2020).  So, save the date, August 13th, and do not worry about the fact it is a Friday!

UMW meeting
The UMW ladies gathered for our usual meeting in June but with a twist.  We had a Strawberry washing, hulling, chopping, and freezing party!  There was a large turnout of women, there was much laughter, and lots accomplished.  I am sure all the joy we shared will be infused into the berries we will enjoy during the social on August 13th from 5 to 7 PM.  Shalom, Edie

~People are funny; they want the front seats of the bus, the middle of the road and the back pews of the church. ~

Mid-Year Giving Reports                                             
Last year in June, we hadn’t been meeting as a congregation for several months.  Our financial offerings were being mailed in, for the most part. In an effort to help folks keep track of their giving and to make sure donations had been received,  I sent out mid-year giving reports, as well as year-end reports. This year I will not automatically send out mid-year statements. They will be available upon request to anyone who would like to receive a statement covering January 2021 to June 2021 giving.

If you would like a copy, please contact Cinda and she will get your information sent out.

We Need Your Help
Liturgists are needed for the summer months and volunteers are needed to clean the church from July through the end of the year. Please sign up on the sheets located on the table in the Fellowship Hall.

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