Letter to the Congregation

Dear Claybanks United Methodist Family

The Claybanks UMC has followed the science and the directions given to us by the CDC, State of Michigan, United Methodist Denomination and Conference concerning Covid-19. We have done a remarkable job as a church that has shown an abundance of care for all as we have controlled the possible spread of Covid-19 within our church by adhering to the recommended protocols.

Because we followed the science when the pandemic began and throughout the past fourteen months we are going to follow the science as we exit the grasp that Covid-19 has had on us. The Worship Team made recommendations to the Administrative Council and with much discussion we have decided that we can safely follow the most recent guidelines issued Thursday May 13th by the CDC and return to many of the normal things we did at Claybanks UMC prior to Covid-19.

It was felt that we need to communicate directly with our church family concerning our actions prior to putting many of the recommendations in place. We will be announcing the many changes before worship during our announcement time, in our June Newsletter and by email so that as many as possible will be prepared as they enter our church building.

The first action we will take is to return to a more normal worship setting with ushers, open seating, more movement by pastor, liturgist and ushers during worship. Starting on Sunday May 30th we will begin to worship together without masks or face coverings for those who wish to do so. We as a Christian organization will place our trust in the honor of each individual in how they choose to worship and attend other activities of the Claybanks UMC. For those with young children please follow the safety guidelines for the age of your children. On Sunday, June 6th we will return to having a Coffee Hour following worship with coffee, juice and cookies. Our intent is to keep our refreshment time simple and safe. Please note that we will continue to have hand sanitizer, face coverings and bacterial wipes throughout the church building.

As we continue to move through June we will make our building available for other activities, groups and meetings requesting that all observe the CDC guidelines that are in place at the time of gatherings. We are prepared to be fluid as the health and safety continues to improve or becomes unsafe once again should the need arises.

We want all to evaluate their own health and safety needs and know that we extend to you “grace” as we continue our return to a more normal way of doing “Church” and gather as a church family. We are grateful for the science and your cooperation. Feel free to contact Pastor Gary or a Council member should you have questions or concerns.

Claybanks United Methodist Church Council, Committees and Pastor Gary

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