Claybanks United Methodist Mid-Month Update

January 2021

Good News Breaking – given the relatively lower rate of Covid-19 infection and the continued vaccination in Oceana County and our Claybanks Community with much prayer and discussion the Worship Design Team and the Administrative Council of Claybanks United Methodist have decided that we can return to in-person worship on Sunday January 31st at 10:30 am.

The Claybanks Family did a very good job last fall in following the guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We will continue to wear face coverings, do social and physical distancing and clean facility diligently. More good news; because we have done a good job of distancing in our facility we will return to singing softly during worship while wearing face coverings. As we return please be aware of all safety concerns and look for possible new guidelines. For those who are not quite yet ready to return to in-person worship please know that you are loved and welcome when you feel most comfortable in returning.

Lent begins on Wednesday February 17th and we will have an Ash Wednesday Service at 7:00 pm at the church.

As understandable with not meeting during November, December and now for most of January our giving support to meet the needs of the church has fallen off. We ask that you give some prayerful thought in assisting your church as we continual to meet church expenses. Donations can be sent to the church P.O. Box 104 or placed in the Offering Plates when we gather once again on January 31st.

Our Nomination Committee is working on filling a number of open volunteer positions of the church. Should you wish to fill a specific positon or know of a church family member that would be willing to serve please contact one of the Nomination’s Committee members or Pastor Gary. Openings are: Church Secretary (Preparing bulletins and newsletters), Financial Chair, Christian Education Director, Chair of Missions, member for Trustees and a member for Nominations. We continue to look for someone to assist in worship with our audio and visual presentation. Our Nominations Committee will be meeting on Sunday February 14th after worship to consider your nominations.

We have received letters of appreciation for our mission support of Trinity Lutheran Community Food Pantry (we assisted in feeding 220 families during the holiday time with the canned good you provided and the pantry was able to purchase 1400 pounds of food from Feeding America with your financial contributions), Love In The Name of Christ and Child Evangelism Fellowship in 2020. These missions will be supported once again in 2021. Even with Covid-19 we as a church have been able to make a positive difference in people’s lives in 2020.

Prayer concerns: Inge Dalbke Family, Our Nation, those touched by Covid-19, Food Banks and our church.



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