Special Message Re: Church Service and Activities

November 9, 2020

Claybanks United Methodist Fellowship,

Under the need for “Prudent Care” it has been decide by the church leadership that the Claybanks UMC will suspend worship, meetings and all unnecessary activities from Monday November 9th through
Thanksgiving or possibly even beyond depending on how we assess the conditions for Covid-19 and the safety of our church family.

During the summer beginning in July we continually made assessment to the safely of gathering as a church family to worship and meet. In August with a low risk we began to meet outdoors for worship and in very small groups inside. As the weather moved us inside for worship and the need to resume some meeting functions of the church we have safely joined together in person.

During October and moving inside our assessment of the risk moved from low to a moderate risk. In the last of October and the first week of November we recognized that we have moved to a high risk assessment for our church. Based on assessment criteria, much information from the Oceana County Health Department and out sources we felt it necessary to suspend activities in our church in an overabundance of caution for our church family and by extension their families.

In addition the church family has influenced and confirmed our assessment for our worship attendance has declined during October as many of you have made the decision to confine or limit your activates under due caution.

Our plan is to continue to monitor and assess the Covid-19 pandemic and our ability to return to safer gatherings. We will continue to communicate with you by as many ways as possible such as email, United State Postal Service, newsletter, Facebook and our church website.

We pray that you are safe during this difficult time. Please also remember that you can initiate communication with me by phone or email. I do want and need to stay in contact with you and hear from you on important matters and in general your thoughts.

Peace and Love,
Pastor Gary

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