Pastor’s Ponderings


Pastor’s Message

I am my Brother’s (Sister’s) Keeper. (Genesis 4:9)
Love one another (1 Thessalonians 4:9)
Every so often I as your pastor must take
and use my pastor role to lead my
congregation in what at times can be a
very difficult position. I realize this writing
might be difficult for some who will be
offended but I must do this to meet my
promises made when I became a pastor for
the United Methodist Church, and I was
given a congregation to shepherd.

I along with many others feel that our
country has not done our best in keeping
Covid-19 under control. I know these
figures that I will use are only one source
from many, but they are generally the
middle of the road.

As I write this we have gone beyond the
200,000 count in loss of life in the United
States. My heart is in sorrow, my feelings
are heavy. I reach out to all who have lost
a loved one, family or friend. These lives
are not just numbers but God’s creation
with lives that have ended all too soon. All
of them beautiful lives lost long before
they should have been ended.

The United States has 4% of the world’s
population. We have experienced 21% of
the world’s death from Covid-19. While
our main focus is on the United States, the
world is hurting too with the loss of life.
The United States has arguably more
resources than any other country in the
world, yet we have fallen short in using
what we have been given by God to the
fullest for the good of all. When great and
tragic things happen in our country or the
world, the United States has been looked
to and has been a leader to overcome and
bring all we have to bear to end the bad
that has tried to overtake humankind.

We have been told to: Wash our hands
frequently, use social/safe distances and to
wear face coverings. I have been very
disappointed that we have resisted for
whatever personal reasons and that only
60% of our population wears face
coverings with continued focus and good
intent. It is not always easy to have a
covering at the ready, but it has to become
a habit. This health solution if done by
90% of our population will save by
estimates 115,000 lives by the end of the
year. If not done or if we stay at or fall
behind in face covering usage we will very
possibly double the loss of life in just a few
months bring the total to 378,000 deaths
in our country by January 1, 2021.
This is not a political issue – it is a moral
responsibility. We are not giving up our
rights – we are taking responsibility and
giving consideration to others because we
love as Jesus instructed us to do.

The United Methodist Church has for most
of our existence supported many different
social issues and the care of our sisters and
brothers health is ours to care for. We are
to make their health the most important
thing we can do for them right now and
until we have a vaccine for all and we as a
country and a world can return to a more
normal existence and way of life. Do no
harm, do good and pray as you stay in love
with God. John Wesley our founder
encouraged us to do all that we can for all
we can.

Stay healthy and in good spirits!

Pastor Gary

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