Church Closure

Claybanks United Methodist Church Faith Community and Friends

Claybanks United Methodist Church has joined with all other United Methodist Churches in Michigan following the direction of our Bishop David Bard to suspend worship, studies, meetings and other in person gatherings for the remainder of March effective Saturday March 13, 2020.
This action has been taken because of our concern that we as God’s Community are not bring the COVID-19 virus to others by meeting in close contact. We as a church and denomination are acting in an abundance of caution to keep the virus from spreading in our community, country and the world.
We are banning together as God has called us to do in caring for our neighbors and families. I would encourage you to do these things:
Pray for the health of all.
Continued to call each other by phone and interact using social media to send messages of hope, encouragement and love.
Call your pastor when you become aware of individual or community needs.
I encourage you during this time to continue your religious practices during this time of Lent and when possible even take a step up by expanding your prayer life, devotionals and worship experiences.
There are many worships experiences available on televisions and internet.
On the Sundays of March 22nd and 29th I will be joining Pastor Anne Riegler from the Mears United Methodist in presenting a worship experience for the Mears, Shelby and Claybanks United Methodist Churches on the internet and on radio.
The worship time will be at 9:15 am. You can visit their website ( and clicking on the link or visiting: The worship is also available on your radio at WEEH-FM 100.5.
I pray that you will stay safe and look forward to the time that we can once again be presence with each other. What a celebration that will be!

Pastor Gary

3 responses to “Church Closure

  1. Hello my fellow UMW ladies! Hopefully I will use this site to communicate with as many as I can but bare in mind, I am a bit electronically challenged! There will be no meeting this Thursday but hopefully we might do our planning on the computer. Let’s see what we can do. Mean while I have a landline phone!


  2. Today’s Upper Room has a “spot on” message and I encourage the UMW ladies to read it – all church members, in fact. If you do not have the Upper Room, call me and I will read it to you. Shalom, God bless. Edie


  3. Thank you Ladies!


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