Pastor’s Ponderings

We need your help!

A few years ago Claybanks United Methodist Church was blessed by the Munson family when they donated a home and property to our church. Two years ago the church sold the property and received a substantial amount of revenue from it. The church Administrative Council along with the recommendation of the Finance Committee invested the proceeds from the sale of the property in two ways. The first use was to make donations to Child Evangelism Fellowship which the Munson family was committed to supporting financially over the years. We also used some of the proceeds from the sale to buy second well in Nigeria. The rest of the proceeds from the sale were invested in the United Methodist Foundation Fund for Methodist Churches. Over the past two years we have seen a significant return on our investment from the fund. When the church council decided to invest these funds it was with the intent of taking a portion of the investments earned and to use by making investments in our community through gifts and grants to organizations that work to improve life and lives in our community.

We have come to a position now where we would like to have your input as to where we might invest in our community through grants and donations. We would like you to tell us as to where you might suggest we could place some of this investment income. To date we have investigated two possibilities and are looking to meet other needs in our community. Our two possibilities thus far are supporting families in crisis through Love In The Name Of Christ and supporting children and families in need through referrals from the Montague Public School. Our administrative Council believes that these are two important needs in our community yet we are hopeful that you as individuals and a congregation know of other important mission projects within our community.

We would ask you to refer possibilities to any of our Administrative Council Representatives. The more information, details and contacts that you can provide us will very much help us in our process of determining needs and responding to them. Should the financial growth that we have seen over the past two years continue we believe that we will be in a position to continue to look at and assist in a number of areas in our community. The Claybanks United Methodist Church has been blessed and we are committed to be a blessing to others.
May you, our church and our community have a blessed Christmas Season.

Pastor Gary

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