Announcements and Stuff

United Methodist Women

The Claybanks United Methodist Women met on October 19th and opened with devotion and prayer. We revisited our plans to add new ways to use our funds in addition to the usual four organizations to which we contribute yearly. The three we are considering are the Oceana Council on Aging, perhaps the Senior Center, and we will look into helping the school hot lunch program with funds to cover lunches unpaid for in any other way.

We also hope to have a Christmas tree set up in the fellowship hall that we can hang donated hats, gloves, mittens and perhaps socks for anyone to take if needed and just before Christmas we could donate them to and organization not determined at this time. Perhaps we can partner with Missions for this venture.

Yes, you read correctly! We are talking about a Christmas tree to load with Christmas donations! When we women next meet as a group, it will be to decorate the church and have pizza!

Missions/Outreach Meeting
Sunday, October 20, 2019

1. Our Thanksgiving food gathering will begin next Sunday, October 27 and the congregation was invited to bring canned and boxed goods, or if they’d rather, a gift of money is always appreciated. This will run for three weeks ending Sunday November 10th. We will be taking the food/money collected to Trinity Lutheran Church on Stony Lake Rd, New Era.

2. Christmas carol singing is being planned for the SKLD home (Heartland) for a date in December to be decided between Konnie Grant and the activities director TJ. Mitzi Parsons and Konnie will oversee buying the cookies, and our committee will get the punch. SKLD provides coffee. Hopefully many of our congregation will again show up and sing!

3. Kelly White has been in contact with the people from CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) who came to speak with us. She will oversee (along with this committee) setting up a giving tree for Christmas that involves the congregation in buying Bibles for the kids in their Good News Club at CEF. We agreed that 50 Bibles at $6.50 each would be a good donation. A tree with tags will be in Fellowship Hall from November 17 until December 8.

4. The financial secretary reported on our Shalom fund.

Nursery Schedule for November

Nov 3 – Kathy Ohman
10 ​​- Joyce Twiss
17 ​​- Doris Graham
24 ​​- Carol Adams

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