Pastor’s Ponderings

Learning Is A Lifelong Endeavor

When I was a senior in high school, I had a teacher who told us that education and learning was a lifelong endeavor. Now being a teenager who thought he knew most everything I could see finishing high school and then following four years of college. I would complete a 16 year plus learning experience, and I would know most everything. Little did I understand what additional learning experiences were in store for me throughout my life’s journey.

Following college and going to work for the YMCA, I was required to attend a number of weeklong YMCA training experiences. On a pretty regular basis for all the different positions I held in the workforce training events were quite regular. I also recognize that as the world would continue to change I needed to keep up with the changing world and learning about new things would keep me engaged in the world around me.
For me additional formal education became a very beneficial part of the learning experience. Over the many years in the workforce, I have come to recognize that a Master’s degree in Management and the Course Of Study I was required to participate in to become a united Methodist Pastor not only gave me knowledge but trained me to be more effective in what I was required to do in the workforce and in my service to God.

God has commanded us to grow. Not just in our walk with Him which is very important but also as we relate to each other. I remember my first Adult Sunday School Class, my first Disciple Bible Study and how they had a very spiritual and yes knowledgeable effect on me. From those experiences I am committed to teaching Sunday School and lead other educational opportunities that we have available to us as followers of Jesus Christ who are required to transform the world and make disciples for Jesus.

As your pastor I continue in retirement to avail myself to additional learning experiences. Whether it be annually attending Pastor’s School, leadership development for churches, family systems or any of a number of different educational opportunities that are offered to us as clergy or as United Methodist congregations.

Because learning is a lifelong experience, this September I challenge you to become a part of two learning experiences that we will offer at Claybanks United Methodist Church. The first is participating in the Emergency Action Plan sharing that will be offered following worship on Sunday, September 22nd. The second learning experience that will start in September and go through May is an Adult Sunday School Disciple Bible study “Fast Track” which will be offered in two sessions each 12 weeks in length. Each of these learning experiences will help us grow as individuals and as a church. Stay engaged and continue to learn and grow!

Pastor Gary

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