Announcements and Stuff

New Adult Sunday School

What Does Scripture Say About…….?
There are a number of Scriptures in our Old and New Testaments that seem to be in conflict with each other. We will be meeting for Sundays May 12th, 19th and 26th at 9:30 – 10:15 am as an Adult Sunday School Class to discuss some of these conflicts as we interpret Scripture. We will look at a number of Scriptures around Women as Leaders in the Church, Ordination, Slavery, Divorce, Gluttony

Scripture and Message May 2019

May 5th – Youth Sunday – Various scripture depicting Children – The Role of Children in the Bible

May 12th – Festival of Mothers  – Communion Sunday – Acts 9:36-43 / John 10:22-30 – Good Shepherd

May 19th – Teen Challenge – Meal & Freewill Offering

May 26th- Memorial Weekend – Psalm 67 / John 14:23-29 – What Is Our Response To God’s Forgiveness and Love

Claybanks UMW

The UMW met on the Thursday of Holy Week. We started off with a light-hearted devotion dealing with the matter of how the clothing manufacturers have changed the sizing so what used to be a 12 now is marked as size 16, and the fact that everyone seems to be whispering these days! Getting old ain’t for wimps!  Anyway, we made sure all was in order for the Easter Brunch. The check lists were all checked and approved, everything was falling into place, and the men enlisted to arrange the tables. We love when a plan comes together, praise be to God!




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