Announcements and Stuff

Thank You

Dear Claybanks Friends,

I wanted to thank you all so much for your support with the Oceana Shores Clean-Up Day.  The day consisted of a great sense of community.  We had 4 dumpsters at the park and one trailer.  These were pretty much filled by 11:00.  We ended up calling and getting 2 more dumpsters.  Folks were lined up with items waiting.

People from the park brought to the cook out hamburgers, chips and pop to add to the meal.  It was a wonderful group effort.  Folks from the community pitched in cooking, cleaning and visiting.  It was a fun day filled with building relationships and cleaning up.

Without your support this day would not have been possible.  Special thanks to all who made cookies, sat at a dumpster, helped with the cook-out and so much more.

Yours in Christ
Kathy Ohman

Pancake Breakfast

Thank you all for your generous donations to support our kids to go to camp.  The pancake breakfast was a huge success again, raising $514 this year.  Camp has been such a wonderful experience allowing the kids to engage in Christian fellowship and grow in the Lord.  They too appreciate all of your support.  😊

Teen Challenge

$476 was collected and donated to Teen Challenge while they were visiting recently.  Thank you to everyone for digging deep in your pockets for this very worthy cause.  A letter of appreciation from them is on our bulletin board.  

Nigerian Well Project

We’re getting there, folks.  Our balance as of May 20th is $4,301.  That means we only have $1,199 left to raisebefore we will be giving many, many Nigerian people safe, nearby water for drinking.  We still have items for sale on the table, we’re still collecting pop cans, we still have a book sale going on, we will continue having monthly luncheons until we reach our goal, and of course, you can always donate money by marking it and placing it in the collection plate.  Keep up the good work!

Up Coming Fundraising Events

Now until September 30th
**POP Can Drive
**Used Book Sale
**Various items on table for sale
June 10 – Salad Bar Luncheon
July 15th – Ice Cream Sundae Bar
August – 76th Annual Strawberry Social (Sponsored by UMW)

Nursery Schedule

6/3 – Liz Grossman
6/10 -Edith Bogart
6/17 – Carol Adams
6/24 – Kathy Ohman

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