Announcements and Stuff

Game Day
Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 16th, 1:30 – 3:30pm. A group of us are meeting at the church for an afternoon of fun & games – cards, board games, etc.?? Come join the fun!!! Bring a snack, a game and a friend if you’d like, or just bring yourself. Questions ask Reba or Konnie Grant.

Day Trip Open to All
Want to get into the Christmas spirit? Try the Christkindlmarket in Chicago. This would be a long one-day trip by train from Holland, MI to Chicago, Illinois. The train leaves early 6:30 a.m. and returns by 10:30 p.m. Cost by train ranges between $41 to $46 round trip depending on if you travel by coach or business class. Contact Mechelle Schneider if interested in going. The plan is to go December 5th tentatively. This date could be flexible. In Chicago we would spend the day at the market, lunch, and still have time to take in the magnificent mile. The website below could help you preview the vendors at the market. Interested people could car pool from Montague to Holland for the train.

Prayer Cards
Starting in November, we will be placing prayer cards on the back of the pews near the hymnals. It is our hope that if you know of someone who could benefit from being called on, either in person or by phone, by Pastor Gary or a lay person, that you will complete the form and place it in the collection plate. This will help Pastor Gary to stay informed of anyone that has not been lifted up verbally during the service but is in need of spiritual care. Thank you!

Time Change
Don’t forget to set your clocks back on Sunday, November 5th. You’d look pretty silly walking in to church during the Benediction…. Just sayin’……😊 😊!

UMW News
Well here it is, nearly November and we United Methodist Women are forging ahead on our Christmas plans! By the time you read this, it will most likely be in the November newsletter.

During our October meeting we set a date of November 30th to decorate the church just ahead of the first Sunday of Advent, which is December 3rd. Of course, that party to decorate the church means pizza first at noon! This also marks the end of our monthly meetings till the third Thursday in March.

We will still be thinking of ways to earn funds for the well project that our “country sister church, St John’s Catholic church” and Father Peter introduced to us. We discussed making a quilt for a silent auction and perhaps involving the St James Lutheran Church out of Shelby. Of course, we love to gather together to eat, so a lovely luncheon after a cold winter Sunday service is also considered; or breakfast? We will see what will work and hopefully involve an enthusiastic congregation.

So, it is full speed ahead to our holiday season to celebrate our Savior’s birth.

Nursery Schedule
11/5 – Carol Adams
11/12 – Kathy Ohman
11/19 – Joyce Twiss
11/26 – Doris Graham

Food Donations, Please
The holidays are coming, and many area needy families find it hard to pay bills, buy gifts, and put food on the table during this time. We will be collecting food for an area food bank during the month of November so all our brothers and sisters in Christ will have a blessed Thanksgiving. Donations may be brought to the fellowship hall.

“The Significance
Of oneself
cannot be measured by the
fame and glory of this world
or the material things we have,
but by the

Love and Compassion
you have shown to others
every day of your life,
without fame or glory or thanks.
just in the name of love.

And Maybe,
Just Maybe,
all the little things
we do for one another
is the most significant thing
you and I might do in our lifetime.”

Mi Sun

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