Announcements and Stuff

A small reminder for you to look at your “Coming Events” calendar because our dinner at the Shack in Jugville is coming soon….June 11th to be exact!!!!! The cost is $10 for adults and $8 for Seniors. We will car pool immediately after the church service as they quit serving at 2pm.

We can tour the two museums they have after we eat if we so choose or just wander the grounds. It’s a beautiful place and we hope to have a good gathering. Please sign up on the sign-up sheet on the back table so we can make the necessary reservations. See Mitzi with any questions.

Upcoming Events
• June 11th – Dinner at the Shack in Jugville (Carpool directly after church service)
• July 12th – A Day at the beachfront (Brown bag lunch/ Home of Diana Hicks)
• August – Bonfire & Potluck (Home of the Petersons)

Watch for more details as each event draws near.


6/4 – Carol Adams
6/11 – Kathy Ohman
6/18 – Joyce Twiss
6/25 – Doris Graham

Strawberry Social/Bake Sale
The Strawberry Social will be here before we know it and some of the older gray heads tire more quickly than we used to. So, we’re hoping some of the “youngsters” in our midst will come forth to volunteer, especially for the “set up” day, the day of preparation, and some as cheerful waitresses. We can also use food donations as we gray hairs no longer pick the berries. A sign-up sheet is on the back table. We will also need donations for the bake sale. This is our only fundraiser for the year, so please consider helping to make this annual event a huge success. Thank you!!

The following was written on 10/21/1983 by Susan Graham, Betty Graham’s daughter, for a high school English class. It was suggested by her English teacher that she submit her poem to MCC, which she did and won $25. Can you guess the church, the reverend, the usher, the voice, and the child? If you’re stumped, why not ask Betty?

On a sunny, shiny, sparkling day,
I believe it was in the month of May,
A crowd came forth, so many it seemed,
To pay their respects to God the High Host,
As well as Son, Father, and Holy Ghost.

Behind the pulpit, dressed in his robe,
The Reverend Smith we did behold.
His manner was bright, his voice so true,
It rumbled and rolled from pew to pew.
“To serve the Lord, to preach his word!”
Was what he stated, what we heard.
He rambled on, and on he went,
My gosh! That man is eloquent!

The usher is a sober, serious fellow,
Even of temper; cool, calm and mellow.
He passes the plate with keen recollection
Of the amount each member put in the collection.
The collection taken, he proceeds forthwith,
To hand the plates to Reverend Smith.
Accomplishing this, he returns down the aisle,
And then, only then, is permitted to smile.

In my church there’s a woman I call “The Voice.”
Although, my friend, it’s not by choice!
In her eyes, her singing is supreme,
To me,, alas, it resembles a scream.
She screeches aloud as the notes go higher;
I fear her lungs will never tire!
But really, my dear, I must admit,
When it comes to work, she doesn’t quit
Although her voice is quite outrageous,
(And those who listen very courageous!)
Beneath her demeanor, gruff and bold,
There beats a heart of solid gold.

The child of whom I speak I saw,
Sitting in church in total awe.
Staring and listening, taking all in,
Without so much as a wiggle or grin.
So well behaved, so meek and mild,
(Though after church a little wild!)
But during this hour he’s a model of charm,
Giving his mother no cause for alarm.
The wonder in his face; a joy to behold.
I hope that he keeps it,
Even when he grows old.

And here I sit, observing all,
Behind a man so very tall.
I can’t see much, it’s always that way,
I miss so much, I have to say.
I hear the words and listen well,
(Although some say they cannot tell!)
Just once I’d like to sit in front,
So I could see, not be the runt
That sits in back, and cannot see
And looks out the window at the tree.
It’s the same every Sunday, alas and alack,
Sometimes it’s so hard to drag myself back!
Maybe next Sunday things will change,
I’ll seat myself within the range
Of all the action and stay awake
Perhaps church isn’t so hard to take!


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