April 9 Service

Claybanks United Methodist Church
April 9, 2017 10:30 a.m.
*Indicates to stand as you are able

Palm Sunday

Welcome and Announcements

Praise Song “King of Kings” (2 times through) SUMH #2075


*Processional “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna” UMH #278

*Call to Worship
Youth: Jesu is coming.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: He’s riding on a donkey.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: Open the gates.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: Open the ancient doors.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: Do not be afraid
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: Wave the branches.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: Spread out your coats.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: Peace on earth.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.
Youth: Glory in the highest heaven.
All: ​Shout Hosanna.

Opening Prayer

*Hymn SUMH #2023
“How Majestic is Your Name” (2 times through)

Prayers of the People – Joys and Concerns

Children’s Time “Why Palm Branches?”
After prayers – Sing the Children Out “Jesus Loves Me”
Children 5 and under are welcome to remain in worship or go to the nursery at this time.

The Offering of Our Gifts and Ourselves

Doxology UMH #95

Prayer of Dedication

*Hymn “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” UMH #277​

Old Testament ​Psalm 118:1-2, 19-26​Page 492
*Gospel Reading ​John 12:12-19 ​Page 875

Morning Message Pastor Gary


*Hymn “He Has Made Me Glad” SUMH #2270


Stripping of the Alter

Pianist​ Rose Fremer
Liturgist ​​ ​​​ Diana Hicks
Nursery​ Joyce Twiss
Ministers All People As We Live The Good News

website: www.claybanksunitedmethodist.com

Holy Week and Easter Schedule

Thursday, April 13th – Maundy Thursday
Maundy Thursday Service at Shelby UMC at 7:00pm

Montague UMC at 6:00pm – Seder Potluck (Mediterranean foods to pass: Cheeses, unleavened bread or crackers, nuts, smoked fish, olives, dried apricots or other dried fruits, lamb, hummus, hard—boiled eggs, raw veggies, etc. (No Jello salads, please!) Following the dinner there will be a short communion service.

Friday, April 14th – Good Friday
Good Friday Service at Claybanks UMC 2:00pm

Good Friday liturgy at St. James Catholic Church 1:00pm. Several pastors will participate.

Good Friday walk with processional cross, 3:00 – 4:00pm will start at Ferry Memorial Church, cross the bridge to Whitehall UMC, and loop back to Ferry. There will be several stations along the route for scripture reading and prayer.

Easter Sunday, April 16th
Sunrise Service at Claybanks UMC 9:30am (Outside if weather permitting.) Followed by Easter Brunch at 9:45am. Easter Celebration Worship at 10:30am.


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