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UMW Corner

Once again the CUMW hosted an award winning Strawberry Social and bake sale. As we discussed the event at our meeting one week later, we considered the fact that so many served were not from our congregation but came from our regulars throughout the broader community. Perhaps we need to “court” our own congregants!!

Another observation was how tired and achy we “old” gals were the next day! Now we’re not really complaining but we decided if we are to do this next year, we need to recruit some “young bloods” to help and for us to teach the “ropes” so-to-speak of organizing and hosting a Strawberry Social.

With our advancing years, we wish to make a joyful, humorous point about us gals by including this from Talking with God in Old Age by Missy Buchanan.


Most days, I’m ready for a nap as soon as I finish breakfast.

Just getting dressed wears me out.

I think naps are a pleasure earned from living a long life.
They’re a way to escape for a while without guilt –
time doesn’t exist until you open your eyes again.

On difficult days, I am anxious to finish the last bite of lunch
so I can get to my favorite easy chair.

I can hardly wait to sink down into the well-worn cushions
and prop up my leaden legs.

My chair is my haven – a safe place
where I can rest this heap of weary bones.

I secretly hope that no one will see me with my mouth gaped open.

There in my easy chair I close my eyes to the troubles of the world,
at least for a while.

Thank you for the gift of naps and the relief they bring.

Psalm 62:5

Nursery Schedule
9/4 –  Kathy
9/1- Joyce
9/18 – Doris
9/25 – Karen

Fall Bible Study

We would like to do a short Bible Study this fall. We need your input. What type of study would you like such as reading and discuss a particular Book of the Bible or a film study series using a particular theme from the Scripture. Please give your thoughts to Pastor Gary. We would like to start it on Monday October 17th and end on Monday November 21st.

Sunday School

Sunday School for all ages will be starting September 11th. We will be meeting at 9:45am for our gathering in the sanctuary and then will split up into smaller groups. All ages are welcome.


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