Pastor’s Pondering

Lent is over, and Holy Week has been accomplished! As exhausted as I am, I feel very blessed.  On a Facebook conversation with some of my fellow clergy, the mood and the conversation was filled with disappointment.  So many hours and so much effort goes in to Lent and Holy week and we all have such high expectations!  This is the most important event in our history!  Christ sacrificed himself and died so that we wouldn’t have to.  He took upon Himself ALL our sins and evilness and allowed Himself to be put to death for them!  Christianity is all about what happens this week.  Yet, many think of Christmas as the major Christian holiday.  

I admit that Christmas is more fun.  Celebrating the birth of a baby is WAY more fun than thinking about Jesus being beaten and nailed to a Roman cross. Celebrating that little babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger paints a much nicer picture than a beaten bloody corpse hanging there …..because of us.  

But it WAS because of us.  Because of His love for us.  This is why so many clergy drive themselves to near exhaustion to provide Holy week services.  On that Facebook conversation I wrote:  

I don’t think our parishioners realize or appreciate all that goes into preparing for and providing Holy week services. But as emotionally and physically depleting (and as under attended) as they are, I feel blessed to be called to do them. After my final service on Easter, I am exhausted to the point of collapse. BUT I am also exhilarated and filled with awe that He chose me….gifted me…to be able to serve Him this way! God is good!

I truly am grateful that God has called me.  I’m grateful for YOU for allowing me to fill your pulpits and create the celebrations.  I am VERY grateful for my Worship Design team of Konnie Grant, Mitzi Parsons, Edie Bogart, Kris Whitlock, Megan Schihl (and the occasional prop/costume assist from Pam Mitteer).  I could not do what I do without your input and your hard work.  You put countless hours in to our services and our folks are uplifted because of your work.  (and you make me look good)

Grateful as I am, I am also hit with a pinch of sorrow.  There were so many who did not or were not able to be a part of our celebrations.  The few who came on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday all said that they were uplifted.  We had many more for Easter of course, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if our pews were as full THIS Sunday as they were on Easter?  

On Easter, I found myself singing (to the tune of Every Morning is Easter Morning)   “I wish every Sunday were Easter Sunday, from now on!  All the pews filled to overflowing, we’d have to put up more chairs!  Goodbye satan you’re eating dust now, we all know what we are!  We are loved, we are Easter people. You’ve been exposed as a liar!  Every Sunday is Easter Sunday, cause every morning is Easter morning….from ….now….. on!!!  

Folks, for Christians, every morning IS Easter morning. WE know the Good News.  Let’s celebrate EVERY Sunday!!!!!  I hope to see you all back in the pews!


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