Good Friday Service

Good Friday – March 25, 2016


Welcome and Announcements

* Opening Litany

L The world is sometimes a very hard place.
C Life can be cruel; people can be unkind; days are often difficult.
L Trying to do the right things the right way is not easy.
C At times, following the way of Christ comes with a high price.
L Struggling against the tug of sin demands steady attention and concerted energy.
C Resisting the temptations of Satan, the world and our own flesh is weary work.
L Burdened and weary, we need a place to rest and be refreshed.
C It is not that we want to avoid what is asked of us or seek to evade the work; we simply need a safe place to pause and rejuvenate.
L God has given you this place.
C We come here to find shelter. We come here to find restoration and renewal.
L Here in this place God delivers his gifts.
C And as he gives them, we are restored, strengthened and encouraged to return to the work we have to do.
L But right now, we simply rest in his presence.
C Right now, we receive what he gives.

Hymn    “Were you There”     Hymnal #288

Gospel Reading … Luke 22:39-48

Message    Pastor Terri

The Great Thanksgiving and foot washing

Gospel Reading … Matthew 27:45-54

Message…. “Broken Curtain”     Pastor Terri               

Confession And Absolution

L Throughout these days of Lent we have contemplated the brokenness of the world and of our own lives. Tonight we are compelled to face the harsh reality of our sin and the brokenness that it brings.
C Lord God, we need your grace. We need your forgiveness. We have failed to follow your will. We have refused to obey your law. We are unable to fulfill your plan. We are crushed under the weight of our sin, and tonight the harsh reality of sin’s horror hangs heavy around us. It is sin that made the cross necessary. It is our sin that required the Savior’s death. Lord, we need your grace. We need your forgiveness.
L It was sin that made the cross necessary, but it was love that drove Jesus to the cross and held him there. It was love for you. Because of his love and his perfect sacrifice, your sins have been covered. The debt has been paid. The burden has been removed. You have God’s grace. You have God’s forgiveness. Amen.

The Passion of Jesus Crist
All depart in silence………………the waiting begins.


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