February 21 Service

Claybanks United Methodist Church
February 21st, 2016   11:30 a.m.
*Indicates to stand if you are able



          In this place, among these people, God is worshipped, God is praised. We have seen the signs and wonders, the lost are found here, the dead are raised.  We are living the Gospel story; lives are changed and mountains moved. Won’t you come and work among us? You are welcomed, you are loved.

Welcome and Announcements

* Opening Litany
L God’s name is more than a label. It is an expression of his nature and being. There is no disjunction between what God does, what God reveals and who God is.

C Our Lord shows us perfectly the meaning of integrity.
L God is utterly consistent. He does not shift or change or drift in his dealings with his creation. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

C Our Lord teaches us what it means to be faithful.
L We can always count on God. Regardless the difficulty or self-sacrifice required, what God promises, he always does.

C Our Lord proves to us what it is to be dependable.
L God is completely in control. He is omnipotent—all the power in the universe is from him and under his authority. He is able to do all that he wills to do.

C Our Lord’s supreme sovereignty means that nothing can stop him from accomplishing his plan. He is trustworthy.

Hymn       “If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee”        Hymnal #142

Prayers of the People

Children’s Time        After prayers – Sing the Children Out      “ Jesus Loves Me” Children 5 and under are welcome to remain in worship or go to the nursery at this time.

The Offering of Our Gifts and Ourselves

Confession And Absolution

L God is God, and we are simply creatures. All that God is and does is infinitely more than we can be or do. Even as human creatures, we fail and we fall short. We are not able to accomplish what God calls us to do as his people.

C We don’t live lives of steady integrity—too often there is an enormous gap between what we say and what we do. We don’t live in our relationships faithfully—we wear out, we lose interest and we decline with the passage of time. We are not dependable—we get distracted, we get tired, we forget our promises. We are not trustworthy—we are weak and frail creatures, and we cannot do all that we hope or intend. We need God’s forgiveness and grace.

L God knows your reality. God knows your limitations. God knows your weakness and your failure. God knows your sin. But God is trustworthy. He does what he promises—every time. When you confess, he forgives. So, you are forgiven; you are made new again. Amen.

First Reading … 2 Samuel 12:1-13
Second Reading … Colossians 3:12-17
Gospel Reading … Matthew 26:14-25

Morning Message – Pastor Terri – “Broken Trust”

*Hymn                     “Trust and Obey”                  Hymnal #467

Prayer and Benediction  

Prayer Concerns

Betty (Edie Bogart’s friend)
Brenen Twiss

Joe & Ruby Eldridge                
Carol Adams
Kelly White                       
Deb Aebig
George & Kathy Ohman   
Chris Lash
Steven Hicks
Emma Purcell
Roger Rosenwald & Carol Weller   

Church Life

Sunday, February 21st – 2nd Sunday in Lent
10:15am Sunday School
11:30am Worship

Monday, February 22nd
6:30pm Lenten Bible Study
Newsletter Deadline

Sunday, February 28th – 3rd Sunday in Lent
Shalom Sunday
10:15 am Sunday School
11:30 am Worship




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