Announcements and Stuff

CUMW Reminder:

As has been our custom, there will be no meeting in January or February.  Our next meeting will be in March and will be hosted by Mitzi Parsons.  Hope to see our regulars as well as a few new faces there.  Happy New Year to everyone!

CUMC Website

Don’t forget to check out our website at Luanne is updating it weekly.


Thank you so much for your generosity this Christmas!  I promise to use the money you gave me on something that brings me joy!  The other gifts and especially all the little notes warmed my heart!  Thank you thank you thank you!  

Pastor Terri

Please help me to thank some important people – your Worship Design Team!  Our services are enhanced with their gifts and dedication.  We could not have put together the great Advent series we had without their help.  Konnie, Mitzi, Edie, Kris, Megan and Pam work hard to add the special touches that make our services special.  They also were the ones who did most of the behind the scene work for our Blue Christmas and both of our Christmas Eve services.  There was a LOT of work, that they happily did and most of them are near exhaustion getting it all done.  Be sure to give them a “thank-you”.  

Also, a special thanks to Pam and Karissa and all of the kids for the GREAT job with the children’s Christmas plays this year.  Karissa put a lot of time in with the kids to get them their parts and we all enjoyed it so much.  The kids did a GREAT job!  Pam, your costumes are stellar and getting the kids in them and downstairs quietly was a real miracle!  Thanks too, to the Mitteer family for the gift of the stable!  

We are very blessed by all that these folks do for us!  Be sure and take a moment to let them know that their efforts are appreciated.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I want to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, flowers, food, visits, hugs, and kindness shown to me and my family after losing John.  It is so appreciated and helped at a very difficult time.  Thank you also to Pastor Terri and all the women who worked so hard in the kitchen to put on the luncheon after the funeral. I so appreciated it all.  

Carol Royalty

We would like to thank everyone for the prayers and cards while Richard was ill.  We really appreciated them and they helped so much.  Thanks again.   

Richard and Lucy Nienhouse

The Missions Committee would like to thank everyone who donated to the mitten/glove/scarf/hat tree.  One of the most basic necessities of living in a northern state is that of keeping warm during the winter months.  Children are at high risk of developing health issues or even worse if this basic necessity is not met.   By your generous donations you showed CUMC’s concern and put smiles on many children’s (and parents’) faces.  The Children’s Division of the Rescue Mission accepted our donations and thank you all very much.

Nursery Schedule

Jan. 3 – Edie Bogart
Jan. 10 – Carol Adams
Jan. 17 – Liz Grossman
Jan. 24 – Kathy Ohman
Jan. 31 – Joyce Twiss


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