We’re In the Loop!!

People with hearing loss often struggle to catch the words and softer sounds during the worship service.  With the echo in church, even people with normal hearing have trouble understanding the spoken word.  The new Induction Loop System will give people a distinct advantage in these circumstances – it works with the individual’s t-coil equipped hearing aids.  The sound is broadcast through a wire installed in the church.  A small coil of wire in the hearing aid, called a t-coil, is the receiver.  While the listener is located within the field created by the loop wire, the t-coil in the hearing aid will receive the signal from the loop.

Individuals with any type and degree of hearing loss and any t-coil-equipped hearing aid can take advantage of the Loop technology.  Background noise and echo are no longer a problem.  Claybanks UMC has had a Loop installed in our church and is hoping many of you are benefiting from it.  Trina, from Hearing Wellness Center, who installed our Loop, will be visiting after our service and during our coffee hour on May 17 to answer any questions you may have about taking full advantage of our new system.


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